Black Victorians Children’s Booklet

Hello ,
I have created this 20 page activity booklet for 5-10 yr olds. It’s a passion project that started with a paper doll and spiraled into a whole booklet of paper based activities. All you need to complete the activities is a set of colours, some scissors and a glue stick.

There are no ‘slaves’ in this booklet, and that is not to ignore such a big part of our history, but in hopes of offering another narrative. I also want to introduce the idea that colonisation is complex, and that Black identity has never been monolithic.

It’s black history month and given all the talk around the BLM movement and educating children (and a lot of adults) about how we are a part of British history I am quite proud of the way my booklet has turned out! 

I am not a historian. I didnt do extensive research. I just went on a Google spiral and cross referenced with the few books I am always meaning to open! That being said the main objective is for children to have fun and begin conversations about where we come from and why things are the way they are.

Younger children may need a bit of help from a grown up to complete the booklet but the activities are all very basic. It may be a nice activity to do to spend time with a little one and have these conversations that can be difficult but are necessary. In that way I want the booklet to be more of a prompt than a complete resource.

You can order your copy of the booklet by completing this form.

I am ever grateful for whatever support you can give. If you can’t buy a copy you can help by sharing the images below.

Love and light ,


2 thoughts on “Black Victorians Children’s Booklet

  1. Hi Amara, my name is Jacqui Grange, and I came across your work on insta. I’d like to buy one of these, I might be being clueless, but I can’t see a price anywhere?

    Thanks – might be quicker to e mail me than to reply through wordpress – its

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